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Aussizz Travels Fly 365 - Terms and Conditions

This current website is owned by Aussizz Travels and is under its aegis. Readers and viewers of this site are instructed to read these terms of use as mentioned hereunder. This site may not be used if you do not abide by these terms and conditions as stated here. You hereby agree to abide by these terms while using this website.

How you must use:

This website may be used in co-operative and responsible manner. Any violation of the said terms of use will prompt Ausssizz Travels to take legal action against you.

How you must not use this website:

You must not:

  • Make bookings, enquiries or reservations that are false, improper or speculative in essence and nature;
  • Use our website with others’ identity and password;
  • Impersonate others while using Aussizz Travels site;
  • Use this website to propagate or post offensive, threatening, indecent, pornographic, obscene, inflammatory and unlawful material, or any such material that may give rise to discontent, discord, civil disturbance and criminal proceedings;
  • Intentionally or otherwise cause any virus to be transmitted through our site or causing it to become disabled;
  • Modify, tamper, or disrupt normal operation of this website without written authorization from Aussizz Travels;
  • Cause this website to be framed with another independent site or get it cached for commercial gains;
  • Violate third party rights including confidentiality and intellectual property violations;
  • Attempt or instigate others to attempt any of the aforesaid disruptions or activities.

Warranties solicited

You hereby agree that you have attained legal age for using this site and are legally bound by its usability obligations. Further, you bear responsibility, financial or otherwise, for using this site personally or by someone else using your username and password. You also hereby agree that information you provide through this site is not deceptive, false or misleading.

Accuracy of Information

Information provided in our website being from third parties, Aussizz Travels stands no responsibility to the correctness of these. However, we take reasonable care in maintaining accuracy of information offered through our website. Viewers for their own interest are advised to refer to these third parties that provide information through us.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Intellectual property displayed or used in this site exclusively belongs to Aussizz Travels and associates including third parties. All such intellectual property is under the protection of Australian and international laws. This site may be used for personal reasons without our written approval provided they do not involve commercial transactions.

Illustrations Used

Personal details such as residence address, e-mail address, and personal contact numbers will be handled as per terms of our privacy policy. We or our third parties may use these details for arrangement of tours. For instance, such details may be disclosed to ticketing bodies, hotels and car rental services that in actuality facilitate your travel. Apart from these, personal details may be used for marketing to the extent of sending of publicity material. We are legally bound to disclose these details to government bodies as and when demanded.


Your personal information, supposedly accurate, may be required for enrolment purposes. This information may also be used for product promotion.

Travel Products and some Special Conditions

Some airline companies, hotels, wholesalers and suppliers have distinctive terms and conditions which are to be followed separately. These are specifically displayed and demand separate attention as different from Aussizz Travels terms and conditions. The responsibility of checking these lie entirely with the user and we never stand guarantee to your adherence to these terms. We presume you have a proper understanding of such terms and agree to abide by them before making your reservations and bookings through our website.

In cases of non-display of such terms it is your responsibility to enquire about the same from us. Once a booking has been made you become bound by the terms and conditions governing the corresponding supplier or product.

Visa, Travel Document, and Health Prerequisites

Foreign travelers must have valid passports and fulfill immigration and visa prerequisites. Penalties, expenses and charges incurred due to non-compliance of these documents is solely the responsibility of a passengers and Aussizz Travels does not stand any responsibility.

Passengers traveling to foreign shores must have passports with a validity of at least six months beyond the date of return from overseas travel. In some nations machine readable passports are mandatory. For suggestions and guidance regarding travel documents and visa formalities you may avail our services. Based on your travel plans we work towards procuring your visas from peripheral business services. We, however, do neither stand guarantee nor take responsibility of information provided by visa advisory service providers or charges incurred thereof. We on request obtain visas through external service agencies at additional costs.

The ultimate responsibility of getting a transit visa as per requirement lies with a passenger. It is imperative that a visa applicant’s name is exactly as it appears on the respective passport. Amendments, if any, are subject to extra fees. In certain instances cancellations and re-bookings are probable.

It is your responsibility to verify visa modalities with respective embassy or consulate. This is important as many countries demand visas before arrival. Further, it is your responsibility to complete health requirements as desired by the immigration authorities of the country you are travelling to. It is essential to carry vaccination documentation on your foreign tour.

When travelling to United States:
For traveling to U.S.A. refer to particularly for visa waivers and compulsory pre-registration. It is important to note that all tourists traveling to United States do not conform to ESTA and may need a visa.


Aussizz Travels stands no liability for products and services provided by our suppliers. By these terms and conditions you agree to resolve issues directly with these suppliers without us getting involved.

Sensitive Information Security

A SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is used by our third parties for maintaining secrecy of data (such as credit card number or bank account number details) transmitted over internet.

Travel Insurance

We recommend a travel insurance on your overseas tours as eventualities can never be ruled out. We at Aussizz Travels offer travel insurance services as demanded.

Changes in Airline Schedules

Our company does not stand responsibility to any changes in flight timings. A confirmation of flight timings at least 72 hours prior to its departure is strongly recommended by us. Failure to reconfirm may result in cancellation of flight bookings. Special requests if any are always subject to re-confirmations. We are not accountable for withdrawal or cancellation of any service offered by third party providers. This includes airline companies also.

Credit Card Charges

For payments through credit cards a surcharge is applicable. Once paid, these surcharges are non-refundable in the event of cancellations of bookings and reservations. Visa and Mastercard attracts a surcharge of 2% per transaction.

Changes Required

In the event airlines tickets issued by us need changes pertaining to travel dates and passenger details a reusing charge of $110.00 is payable per applicant. Additional fees are also levied in cases where tickets are reissued in the midst of an itinerary. However, there are certain airlines for which fares are unchangeable.


Deposit amounts are not refundable but are adjustable against final payments made to us.


Request of airfare refunds booked through us is subject to terms and conditions of the concerned airline. Refunds, cancellation charges and any other collateral costs are borne by you and are as per airline company guidelines. In case refunds are made, they need to be claimed within a specified date. In the event you have called off your tour, cancellation requests need be made to the concerned airline company or a notification made to us. A failure on your part may result in "zero" refund.

We make refunds only after receiving intimation from the concerned supplier. Cancellation of partially used flight tickets is usually not refunded. It takes about twelve weeks for processing a refund. For any cancellations made, a fee is charged by us.

Cancellation Fee

Cancellations are subject to terms and conditions of the airline concerned. For cancellations we charge $200.00 in addition to cancellations charged by an airline company. At times, cancellation charge may cover the entire ticket cost. This is as good as ‘zero’ refund on cancellations. Hence it is advisable to study booking rules carefully. If however, your ticket cost is covered by insurance, your ticketing cost may be recovered.

Rates and Price Variations

We reserve the right to change prices of our services as dictated by change in exchange rates, or price changes effectuated by other suppliers. Any such changes are required to be met up by paying the differential. In case you wish to cancel bookings after receiving our notifications of these price increases a cancellation fee is chargeable. Aussizz Travels does not stay responsible for any such increase in prices or rates.

Rates quoted are appropriate as on date of quotation and are liable to change on or prior to travel date. Prices quoted are not sacrosanct and are liable to change without notice.

Price Exclusions and Inclusions

For products offered by us all constituents are mentioned. However these product pricings are exclusive of additional airfares, meals, airport charges, passport and visa fees, taxes, fuel surcharges, and any other incidental costs unspecified in our product list.


These include government taxes, fuel surcharge, and airport charge at time of booking but liable to change without prior intimation. It may be noted that airfare does not include these taxes or surcharges. Certain airports demand departure taxes which is payable directly in local currency.


Changes to these terms and conditions may be made at any point of time and without making notifications to users or readers. These modified terms come into effect as soon as they are posted online.


If Aussizz Travels is compelled to take legal steps to enforce these Terms and Conditions, the entire cost will be borne by you. By virtue of this agreement we stand to recover all costs incurred and payments made towards litigation, lawyers’ fees, and any such incidental expenses towards enforcement of these said terms and conditions. We also herby stand to get reliefs by way of equities or law to which we are entitled.

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