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1. How can I get a quote for a flight?
You can get in touch with Aussizz Travels through email or telephone or via Facebook. Our customer service executives are always there to answer all your queries. You are required to have all your visa requirements sorted before booking the tickets. You can also fill up the form given in our site and send it to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2. How can I get my reservation confirmed?
You need to contact us over phone or visit our branch office to see if your booking is confirmed.

3. Can I change my booking?
You can mail us or fill in the form available on our website and submit it thereafter. All Changes are subject to available dates and further charges may apply.

4. How do I make the payments?
Besides cash payment, you can use gateway payment, credit and debit cards for cheap flight booking with us or you can pay on our website using epayment system.

5. What will be my luggage allowance?
Contact us to know the recent travel allowance information as it changes with airlines.

6. Am I allowed to check-in online and get my boarding pass printed?
Airlines usually do the seat allocation during check-ins. You can visit the official website of your airline to see if they allow online check-in. If you wish to request for a specific seat, you have to contact your airline.

7. Why is the airfare unavailable for my travel dates?
Airlines usually restrict the number of seats that can be reserved at a particular discounted price. Once your booking is done, Aussizz Travels can assure that the fare will not change. The fare of the seats is subject to availability of the same. Other factors responsible for changes in fare are travel dates, duration of staying etc.

8. What are surcharges and taxes?
These comprise airline fuel surcharges, government levies and airport service charges which are payable for each ticket. Contact your local authorities if you are subjected to extra taxes and charges.

9. What about passport and visa requirements?
You need to have a valid passport for visiting a foreign country. Visa is also required but not in all cases. Most countries want you to have at least 6 months of remaining validity of Visa when you depart from the country.
Relevant embassies must be contacted for the visa application forms.

10. What are the other facilities that you offer apart from cheap flight booking?
Aussizz Travels offers attractive holiday packages and arranges for hotel accommodation as well.

11. What are electronic tickets?
Electronic tickets have been in use since June 1, 2008. Its advantage over paper tickets is that you do not need to carry it with you to the airport; however, airlines request it to be carried as it makes boarding pass-processing easier for them. Another advantage of electronic ticket is that you can always log in and get another print-out of your ticket if you lose the earlier one.

12. Will I be able to earn frequent flier points?
Yes, you may. Memberships are usually free of cost. But a charge can be imposed depending on the level of membership you have applied for and Airlines. You should check with an airline if a particular fare will get you frequent flier points and the number of points you will be able to earn when the trip ends.

13. Which are the countries to book tickets for?
We are specialized in Indian sub-continent so all South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal. We can also provide cheap travel options for rest of the world at your convenient time.

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